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Date:      Tue, 10 Jul 2007 15:01:32 -0500
From:      Mark Kane <>
To:        Graham Bentley <>
Cc:, nlecic@EUnet.yu,,
Subject:   Re: Selecting printer from apps core dumps. Howto debug?
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On Sat, Jun 30, 2007, at 22:06:58 +0100, Graham Bentley wrote:
> Its odd because the cups test page works, printing from
> mousepad and firefox works, but abiword bombs completely.
> In the short space of time I see it on the screen after 
> clicking print I can see there is no entry for the printer.

> [SOLVED] Set printer as 'default' using cups webmin.
> All working - thanks :)

Sorry to bring back the thread but I'm seeing this issue with a fresh
install of everything on a new machine.

Printing to an Epson USB printer from the CUPS test page works fine,
as does printing from Opera using the lpr binary installed by CUPS. When
trying to print via AbiWord or Claws Mail, they coredump. If the
printer is not set as default in CUPS (which is how I had it set before
reading this thread), it does bring up the print dialog in
Abiword/Claws but it dumps when you select the printer. If the printer
is set as default in CUPS, the app dumps right when opening the print
dialog and before the printer even shows up on the list of available

I think it's a somewhat new problem somewhere because I've been using
Xfce, CUPS, and these applications for quite a while on other machines
with no problems. CUPS is enabled in xfce4-print as well as
libgnomeprint, and GNOME printing is enabled in Claws Mail. The USB
permissions are also set properly. I also tried running AbiWord outside
of Xfce (in Xorg's default WM) which did the same thing. Maybe it's
something with libgnomeprint since both apps use it and both have
problems printing?

Here is a list of relevant software versions on the non working


Here is a list of relevant software versions on a machine that is
printing properly with Claws-Mail (and probably would with AbiWord if
it didn't have a problem with some laser printers):


Here's the backtrace from AbiWord if it helps:

Please let me know if I can provide any additional info. Thanks in
advance for any suggestions on how to fix or debug this.


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