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Date:      Sat, 2 Jul 2011 12:47:17 -0400
From:      Chris Brennan <>
To:        Maciej Milewski <>
Subject:   Re: Looking to build a router box, seeking some general advice
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* Maciej Milewski <> [2011-07-01 01:15:15 +0200]:

> Hi Chris,
> Case for Alix shouldn't be a problem. Many universal ones may be used 
> (although they may be larger than your needs f.ex. external ones with 
> integrated antennas)
> I took the PS, aluminium case for home/office use and board from one seller and 
> it all fits and works fine. You may even make your own case if you want :)
> Usually Alix boards have wide range of PS support. F.ex. Alix.2/6 input 
> voltage is 7 to 20V DC. I tried many Linksys/Netgear 12V/1A PS and they worked 
> fine. The only thing which may be different is power jack, sometimes they make 
> different diameters for different routers. AFAIR Alix use 2,5mm. The CF cards 
> are not a problem on the market. You'll need to select if you want to use 
> pfsense or normal FreeBSD(NanoBSD builds). In /usr/src/tools/tools/nanobsd you 
> should find example build for PCEngines board. NanoBSD with Alix is very nice 
> connection. You may create two root slices/parts, config and data. This eases 
> upgrade procedure - you'll always have old working system and the new one. 
> Root is mounted in read-only mode so eventual power loss will not be a 
> problem.
> Taking Alix(or any x86 compatible board) and having i386 buildhost environment 
> you may install packages from ports to your prepared image.
> For router you may use ARM or MIPS boards too but they need to be crossbuilt 
> and may need more work to setup them and of course their prices may be higher 
> than Alix. You should find some info about them on the

Excellent suggested, worthy enough to hang on to. I've made note of your 
suggestions and will keep it handy for future reference.

> Chris Brennan
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