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Date:      Fri, 4 Oct 1996 11:23:24 -0400 (EDT)
From:      "Adrian T. Filipi-Martin" <>
Cc:        FreeBSD Questions List <>
Subject:   Re: Help installing to a ThinkPad 750C
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On Thu, 3 Oct 1996, Doug White wrote:

> On Wed, 2 Oct 1996, Adrian T. Filipi-Martin wrote:
> > 	I posted before about having keyboard problmes when installing 
> > 2.1.5 to a ThinkPad 750C. 
> > 
> > 	Any thing I have missed?  If I cannot figure this out soon, I'm 
> > going to have to admitt defeat.  
> Did you poke through the mail archives on  This
> has been discussed (and fixed) quite a few times recently.

	Yes, I have.  Either it wasn't that recent or the search/index 
engine was failing me.  Searching under "thinkpad", "install", "keyboard" 
and "boot" only got me indirect references to a custom install floppy.  
It wasn't until someone else having problems installing 2.1.5 on a think 
pad told me there was a tpad.flp that I had any useful success with the 

	This floppy does work, but for some reason the one I made with my 
2.1.5 system doesn't quite cut it.  If I could have some additional 
search hints it would be appreciated.  If there is a fix in the archives, 
I am missing it. 

	To the best of my knowlege, all I need to do is edit the GENERIC
configuration to use pcvt instead of syscons, and make a boot.flp form
/usr/src/release.  Since this produces a new boot.flp that does indeed use
pcvt when it boots, I am at a loss as to what else could be the problem. 

	As I said, the 2.1.0 that Nate put in freefall does boot fine.  
If it comes down to it, I will install 2.1.0 from my CD's, so it won't be 
a total loss situation.  :-/


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