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Date:      Sat, 15 Feb 2020 14:10:36 +0700
From:      Victor Sudakov <>
Subject:   Re: Technological advantages over Linux
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Steven Malone wrote:
> Victor,
> While this may not be a technical response, I have had immensely better
> experiences managing a FreeBSD server than a Linux one. The primary
> difference in my experience has been around system upgrades. When
> updating Linux I have had all sorts of applications start failing after
> the a simple package update. I do not have this problem when updating
> FreeBSD, it has been much more reliable for me. I have also seen similar
> results from system upgrades, Linux upgrades have broken my system
> countless times. I have never had a FreeBSD system completely tank after
> an upgrade. Not saying it would never happen, but it has been so much
> more stable I avoid Linux where-ever possible. I am sure there are
> technical reasons for this, probably having to do with the way FreeBSD
> manages itself as a complete OS instead of a collection of bits around a
> kernel.
> I think Michael W. Lucas puts it best "FreeBSD lets me sleep at night."

Yes, I've seen Linux systems (Ubuntu) broken after an upgrade. Not
completely unbootable (God forbid) but mostly unable to update something
because of missing or incorrect dependencies, and complaining about

But I've also seen my share of FreeBSD systems with similar dependencies
problems. However, in FreeBSD, with its separation of the world and
ports/packages, you can always "pkg delete -af" and install everything
=66rom scratch from ports/packages, and you will still have a functional
base system to deal with problems. And if "freebsd-update" screws
something up, you can hopefully rollback the update with beadm/bectl.

Victor Sudakov,  VAS4-RIPE, VAS47-RIPN

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