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Date:      Mon, 06 Jan 2003 17:29:15 -0800
From:      Kurt Bigler <>
To:        <>, <freebsd-questions@FreeBSD.ORG>
Subject:   Re: Postfix vs. Sendmail
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on 1/6/03 4:48 PM, Daniel Goepp <> wrote:

> Lowell Gilbert wrote:
>> Then do it.  If it works, I doubt there will be much trouble getting
>> it accepted into the system.
> Well yes, I would love to.
> However, I'm not sure I have the know how yet.  I have plenty of
> experience in programming, but more db and interface stuff, I also don't
> have any specific experience with FreeBSD development.   Plus, why
> invent the wheel.  CVSup is already written, and the FreeBSD core team
> has control of the source tree, and what gets installed.  If someone can
> save me some time in searching, where is the source that controls what
> is installed by FreeBSD?
> Also, anyone on a first name basis with John Polstra?  I have submitted
> an email to the "comments" address on their web page, but I would be
> willing to bet it will get swept under the rug.  And I'm not sure
> learning Modula-3 is on my agenda right now either.
> I do hear what you are saying though.  Trust me, I love this environment
> where so many people run into a blocking point, writes some to fix the
> problem, and then submit it to share with everyone else, and I would
> love to contribute in any way I can, with whoever might actually have
> more knowledge on this matter than I do.  But also, these are projects
> currently in someone else's court right now, and I don't know the
> players.  
> I realize, as I mentioned in another post, I may well be the only person
> that really wants this functionality.  I welcome comments though about
> what other people think on the matter, in general or specific terms.

I have had a related problem, though some of the details are out of my
control, and I am unaware of the exact mechanisms involved.  I used a VPS
service provider - that is I have a virtual server.  As I understand it,
this service is based on standard FreeBSD VPS capabilities.

Sendmail was the first thing I got rid of after trying it for a few days.  I
replaced it with qmail+vpopmail.

The problem came up when my VPS provider did a system upgrade.  This process
left everything I had intact except I lost my sendmail soft link which had
pointed to the sendmail replacement provided by qmail.  The link was
replaced by the sendmail binary with the result that I suddently had
sendmail running again beside qmail.  The only consequence of this that I
know of is that local root email (cron stuff) suddenly got forwarded
according to the long-forgotten sendmail configuration.

The install process my provider uses for system upgrades is out of my
control, as is the kernel configuration.

However, I am putting in my vote for making sendmail as optional as
possible.  If it were an optional part of the FreeBSD distribution it is
more likely my provider would make this "option" (just say "no" to sendmail)
available to me.

Kurt Bigler

> Or any information about what future plans there are on modifications to
> the install process.  And if this is not the forum for this, I would
> appreciate being told where the best place to bring this up would be.  I
> checked the archives on freebsd-config, and it would appear to be a
> largely dead list.
> Thanks.
> Peace.
> -Daniel
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> Daniel Goepp <> writes:
>> So itself runs Postfix, but yet, sendmail is still so
>> embedded in FreeBSD that it's almost imposible to get cleaned out.
> When
>> are they going to make the FreeBSD install configurable enough to not
> have
>> to include sendmail, bind, openssl, etc?  I choose to either install
> these
>> apps as ports, or not at all.
>> Is there a way to break down the install, and just get a bare bare
> bare
>> bones install of just base, crypto and man pages, like the install
> says
>> it's going to do?  I can't imagine this would be too hard to do!
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