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Date:      Sat, 2 Jul 2011 13:01:44 -0400
From:      Chris Brennan <>
To:        FreeBSD Questions <>
Subject:   Re: Looking to build a router box, seeking some general advice
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* Daniel Staal <> [2011-06-30 20:42:48 -0400]:

> --As for the rest, it is mine.
> There are a variety of stores that will sell ALIX kits, either 
> pre-assembled or not.  I've used Netgate recently 
> (<>), but depending on where you are 
> others may be better.  Many will also sell them pre-loaded with m0n0wall or 
> pfsense, both of which are FreeBSD-based router/firewall distros with web 
> interfaces to do most things you would want.  (Although I know pfsense at 
> least doesn't support IPv6 configuration through the web interface yet.  Of 
> course, you can still ssh in.)

Excellent! This suites my needs perfectly for now. I've gone ahead and 
purchased a Netgate m1n1wall-2D13-black-system with an accompanying 
wireless kit. Their warehouse is closed for the US Independence holiday, 
so I won't have my order shipped till after Monday.

> Chris Brennan
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