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Date:      Sun, 30 May 1999 21:04:22 -0700
From:      "William Woods" <>
To:        "Jim" <>, <freebsd-questions@FreeBSD.ORG>
Subject:   RE: FreeBSD as a desktop
Message-ID:  <000001beab1a$aa652f90$0c4b93cd@william>
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Well, lets see.....I cant help yopu on the movie part, but there are several
things that I can point out.

1) In X, for a browser, Netscape is the only game in town (that I am aware
of), but it runs GREAT

2) In my opinion, WP8, running under Linux emulation, is fantastic, I use it
for everything (Yes, even MS Word 97 files). There is also XEmacs.

3) In the email world, for an X enviroment, I use Kmail (Part of the KDE
Desktop I use), but there is also XFmail, which I would reccomend.

4) For C and C++ I use VisulaSlickEdit just plain rocks

5) IRC Client, there are several avaliable. I have used, and can reccomend,
Kirc (Part of KDE), Xirc, TKirc and my favorite right now, BitchX in an

6) CD Player...I use Kcd (Part of KDE again), but there are lots of other

7) MP3 player.........X11AMP I believe its called...looks like WinAMP and
works great (Although its a cpu hog on my poor old laptop)

8) Palm Piolet connectivity

9) Scheduler (like MS Outlook) I use Kplan (Part of KDE again) but there are
a couple calandering programs in the ports

Now, if I could only find a replacement for MS Money and MS

I havent found a decent spreadsheet yet (Although I hear StarOffice5.0 works
great), but I am not going to put StarOffice on this system, it is a laptop
P100 w/48meg ram. I am sure there are spreadsheets out there, just havent
had the need for one yet.

Now, this is all MY personal experiance and not gospel by any means.

BTW, everything I listed above (except StaROffice) I currently have
installed and use on my laptop.


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> Subject: FreeBSD as a desktop
> This weekend I install FreeBSD at home. Up untill this point I sweared by
> its use as a server platform, I have had great luck with it as a server.
> but this weekend has been a new experience for me. I got X-win up
> and going
> for the first time, compiled in sound support, and got it working
> as a natd
> for my home network. Problem is, I cant find much info with
> running Unix as
> a desktop OS.
> If anyone has any suggestions on good books about running Unix as
> a desktop
> (things like X tweaking, getting a movie player, etc), I would
> love to hear
> them. Thanks.
> Jim
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