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Date:      Sat, 29 Aug 1998 11:20:16 -0700
From:      "Don O'Neil" <>
To:        <freebsd-hackers@FreeBSD.ORG>
Subject:   RE: Weird sendmail/pop problem
Message-ID:  <000101bdd379$abe29a20$>
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> On Fri, Aug 28, 1998 at 06:53:20PM +0000, Terry Lambert woke me
> up to tell me:
> > > I'm experiencing a weird sendmail problem.. Anyone have any
> clues where to
> > > start looking for this?
> > >
> > > Here goes:
> > >
> > > I have a user on my box that is set up to forward mail to 2 people...
> > >
> > > When I send mail using MS Outlook 98 through a pop3
> connection the second
> > > person in the .forward file gets the message but the first one doesnt.
> > >
> > > When I go outside of my box and send mail to the user, then
> BOTH people in
> > > the .forward file get the message...
> > >
> > > I've checked the aliases db, any .forward files laying around on the
> > > machine, and all the basic configs for pop3 and sendmail but
> have come up
> > > empty handed...
> > >
> > > Any ideas?
> >
> > Where does POP3 come into this?
> >
> > You can't send mail over a POP3 connection, you can only retrieve it;
> > you use SMTP to *send* mail.
> Before anyone else chimes in, there's some funky POP3 interface to send
> mail to the server via it.
> That said, it's still being DELIVERED through SMTP, so your point stands.
> Here's my bet:
> Try sending from the local box, not though POP3
> mail -s 'test msg' forwarduser < /dev/null
> See if that gets there (both theres).
> Try (perhaps long shot, but *shrug*) killing sendmail and restarting it.
> Other than that...
> There's my $0.02 on it.

Well, To correct my mis-statement, I do realize that SMTP is how the mail is
delivered, I was intending to point out that I was using a "standard" POP3
type client for recieving, not something like IMAP.... Anyway... I've
checked the SMTP (sendmail) logs and the delivery is only made to one of the
two recipents, no matter what order the names are in the .forward file, my
name is allways skipped.... Now, my name is of course the one sending the
message... is there something in sendmail that knows I was the originator
and doesn't bother to send the message back to me? Now if I send a message
using mail or elm, or pine, or sendmail directly from the box (not using the
PC client) then both recipients get the message (I did this a root).

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