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Date:      Sat, 23 Apr 2011 10:37:52 -0700
From:      Doug Hardie <>
To:        Erich Dollansky <>
Subject:   Re: Help with Booting
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On 23 April 2011, at 03:04, Erich Dollansky wrote:

> Hi,
> On Saturday 23 April 2011 16:30:39 Doug Hardie wrote:
>> On 23 April 2011, at 02:20, Erich Dollansky wrote:
>>> I only can tell what I do when a machine does not boot from the =
installation media: I plug the disk into another machine, install the =
generic kernel, edit /etc and put it back.
>>> If this does not work, it will be hard.
>> That works, but then I end up without having RAID activated.  I am =
trying to get the hardware RAID working.
> but your system runs then. Isn't it possible then to build a custom =
kernel which supports the specific RAID hardware on this machine and =
install the new kernel there.
> Oh, could it be that the loader is not able to start from the RAID =
hardware? Is it possible that even a custom kernel will need an extra =
boot medium to start with?

Thats what I was hoping to be able to do.  However, I can't get it to =
boot without the RAID either.  I have tried numerous tests of formatting =
the drives on the RAID, then moving them to another system and =
installing the software.  They still won't boot.  The RAID appears to be =
using a very unusual bootstrap.  I get the message "OS not found"  =
continuously on the screen regardless of how I build the system.  =
Somehow I am going to need to be able to boot from CD or memstick to get =
this working.

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