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Date:      Mon, 18 Dec 2006 13:55:39 -0500
From:      Lonnie Cumberland <>
To:        Garrett Cooper <>
Subject:   Re: FreeBSD as VM host OS?
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Not sure if this is what you are looking for, but you could also try 
BOCHS.  It's a little slower, but runs on many platforms.


Garrett Cooper wrote:

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>Bill Moran wrote:
>>In response to David Newman <>:
>>>My question is whether FreeBSD is a suitable _host_ OS for any virtual
>>>machine environment, preferably with support for SMP, amd64, and guest
>>>OS speed at or close to native hardware speeds.
>>*) jails provide virtual hosting at native speed, but _only_ for FreeBSD
>>   guests.  i.e., you can't run Linux in a FreeBSD jail
>>*) qemu works well on FreeBSD in my experience, but there is a considerable
>>   performance hit.
>>*) Xen should give you what you want, but I've no information on the
>>   status of Xen on FreeBSD at this time.
>Try qemu. Some people on this list (or maybe other FreeBSD lists--can't
>remember :P), have reported success in using qemu as the host VM.
>Xen is a royal pain, even though it is fast. I tried setting it up once
>under Gentoo and it was trying to load a lot of services at boottime,
>pulled in custom (Xen) kernel patched sources, etc. Needless to say, the
>Xen patched kernel sources was the show stopper, because one never knows
>what in the world the patches may do if installed with other patches.
>Moreover, the Xen patches may wreak havoc with userland programs (like
>Linux does on occasion), etc.
>Just my .02.. qemu has a kernel module, but if you don't feel like
>tainting the kernel with an alpha feature, their userland(-only) program
>is fairly stable from what I have read.
>- -Garrett
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Thanks and have a good day,

Lonnie T. Cumberland
OutStep Technologies Incorporated


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