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Date:      Thu, 07 Dec 1995 23:36:53 -0800
From:      Steven Wallace <>
To: (Seppo Kallio)
Subject:   Re: WP60 for SCO in FreeBSD 2.1 - WP60 CDROM install problems 
Message-ID:  <>
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> I cannot install WP60. Where is the problem?
> xterm works OK. But wp install "Can't open display". Can you tell what
> options etc. I have to add to GENERIC kernel config? Do I need
>         1) options "IBCS2"
>         2) pseudo-device socksys
The problem is that 2.1R has the old ibcs2 code written by,
which does not run WP60, etc.

You need to use 2.2-current code to get all those commercial apps
to work, although -current code could be back-ported to 2.1R
and work, but that has not been done yet.


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