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WHY SPORTS 2019 CONFERENCE=0A=0AThe Royal Society of Medicine, London=0A=0A=
18th September 2019=0A=0A=EF=BB=BF=0A=0AKNOWLEDGE - DEBATE - NETWORKING=0A=
=0ASince early 2016 the Sporting Future and Towards an Active Nation=0Astra=
tegies have served as a catalyst to increase activity across the UK.=0A=0AB=
oth documents called for the sector to immediately re-evaluate its=0Aapproa=
ch, commitment and direction, in order to reverse the alarming trend=0Aof i=
nactivity.=0A=0ASince their conception, the sector has started to transform=
, innovate and=0Acollaborate in new ways to meet the needs of our communiti=
es. This is not=0Awithout challenge and is a continuous process, with lesso=
ns being learned=0Aand shared to improve the whole system.=0A=0AAt the much=
 anticipated Why Sports 2019 Conference we will bring together=0Athe sector=
 leaders and influencers to dissect all aspects of current policy=0Adeliver=
y, debate, networking and collaboration.=0A=0AThroughout the day there will=
 be a number of opportunities to increase=0Aknowledge and take part in Spor=
t England led Workshops, engage with sector=0Aexperts and develop unique bu=
siness relationships with a number of=0Acommitted commercial partners.=0A=
=0A[1]CLICK FOR CONFERENCE AGENDA=0A=0ATim Hollingsowth=0A=0ACEO=0A=0ASport=
 England=0A=0ATara Dillon=0A=0ACEO=0A=0ACIMSPA=0A=0AArun Kang=0A=0ACEO=0A=
=0ASporting Equals=0A=0AMike Diaper=0A=0AExecutive Director=0A=0ASport Engl=
and=0A=0A[2]HEADLINE SPONSOR=0A=0ARoad Worlds for Seniors is a competition =
between older people and people=0Awith dementia in care homes, activity cen=
ters and adult day care centers=0Aacross national borders. We crown a male =
world champion, a female world=0Achampion and the best team. There is also =
a prize to the best support team=0Ain the world. Road Worlds for Seniors wa=
s held for the first time in=0ASeptember 2017 when it was a part of the Pub=
lic Health Campaign for the UCI=0ARoad World Championship in Bergen.=0A=0AT=
he championship was a tremendous success, with 1150 participants from five=
=0Acountries!=0A=0AWearing specially made championship T-shirts, hats and b=
uttons, the=0Aparticipants cycled the impressive distance of 30.000 km in s=
ix weeks! And=0Athe cyclists, staff, relatives and volunteers made a lot of=
 festivities and=0Afun out of it all. In 2018, the number of participants w=
as more than=0Adoubled; 2500 cyclist signed up for the competition - this t=
ime from=0ANorway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, United Kingdom and Canada. We =
are aiming=0Afor even more countries and 7000 participants in 2019. Eventua=
lly, we aim=0Afor the Road Worlds for Seniors to become the largest sportin=
g event in the=0Aworld In terms of number of participants.=0A=0A[3]Click fo=
r more information=0A=0ADELEGATE TICKETS PRICES=0A=0APublic Sector =C2=A322=
5=0A=0A3rd Sector =C2=A3175=0A=0APrivate Sector =C2=A3395=0A=0ADiscount ava=
ilable for multiple bookings=0A=0AFor more information call +44(0)161 464 8=
688=0A=0A[4]REGISTER INTEREST / BUY TICKETS=0A=0A[5]=0A=0A[6]=0A=0A[7]=0A=
=0A=0AOn the 2nd May 2019, Why Sports delivered the Creating Active Communi=
ties=0AConference at the Bridgewater Hall, Manchester.=0A=0AIt was a pleasu=
re to see so many committed people attend the conference and=0Aafter taking=
 a moment to reflect, it seems that the day was a huge success!=0A=0A"The s=
peakers were exceptional bringing insight, experience and passion to=0Athei=
r presentations. It was a really thought provoking event and I came=0Aaway =
feeling inspired - thank you!" - delegate=0A=0AClick below to be directed t=
o speaker presentations and associated slides=0A=0A[16]Read More=0A=0AWhy S=
ports are asking for contributions from our community for our blog=0Asite. =
If you have an inspiring case study or a story to tell that has=0Aincreased=
 activity , please do not hesitate to get in touch.=0A=0A[17]Contact us=0A=
=0A[18]TAKE ME TO THE WHY SPORTS BLOG SITE=0A=0AFollow us on social media f=
or more info & updates=0A[19]Twitter [20]LinkedIn [21]YouTube=0A=0A[22]=0A=
index.php?option=3Dcom_reg=0A5. https:/=
/ http=
&utm_campaign=3D1720252748&utm_content=3D67150316813&utm_term=3Dez facility=
ng-in-facilities-inf=0A17. am inter=
ested in supplying information for the Why Sports Blog Site=0A18. https://w= https=
:// https://ww=
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