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Date:      Fri, 14 Jan 2005 11:36:38 +1030
From:      "Wilkinson, Alex" <>
Subject:   Re: NFS problems, locking up
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    0n Wed, Jan 12, 2005 at 08:53:11PM +0000, Robert Watson wrote: 

    >On Wed, 12 Jan 2005, Daniel Eriksson wrote:
    >> I'm still having problems with NFS locking up when moving large amounts
    >> of data over it on 6-CURRENT from 2005. This problem has
    >> persisted for a long time now, and the only thing that seems to cure it
    >> is running the network stack with giant enabled (debug.mpsafenet=0). 
    >> When it happens, the process doing the copying ends up in "nfsaio" state
    >> according to ps. Any accesses to the locked mount by other processes
    >> ends up waiting forever in state "nfs". I have multiple file systems
    >> mounted from the same server, and only the mount where the data is being
    >> moved locks up.  The others continue to work as expected. 
    >> Server: UP, 6-CURRENT from 2005., if_vr (POLLING)  Client:
    >> SMP (dual AMD MP), 6-CURRENT from 2005., if_em
    >> The machines are connected with a crossover cable. I've tried both
    >> schedulers (4BSD and ULE) on the client, but it doesn't make any
    >> difference (server is running 4BSD). PREEMPTION is enabled on both
    >> server and client.  ADAPTIVE_GIANT is enabled on the client. 
    >If you run with INVARIANTS and WITNESS, does anything useful get printed
    >out?  Does it make a difference if you run the client with a UP kernel?
    >If you break to the debugger on the client and server once wedging has
    >occurred, what does "show lockedvnods" and "show alllocks" show?
    >Is there any chance you could attach a second NFS client to the
    >configuration, wedge the file system from the first client, and then try
    >the second client and see if it experiences immediate problems?

What is meant by 'wedge the file system' ?

 - aW

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