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Date:      Fri, 01 Aug 2014 16:30:05 -1000
From:      al plant <>
To:        Warren Block <>
Cc:, "" <>
Subject:   Re: switch to DCHP from static ip
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Warren Block wrote:
> On Fri, 1 Aug 2014, al plant wrote:
>> Aloha,
>> The Telcom here in Honolulu has brought in FiberOptic lines in my 
>> neighborhood since the old copper was really bad speed. Cost was 
>> reduced and speed is now excellent.
>> I need a how-to for moving an APSfilter print server on my static IP 
>> lan to working with a DHCP network. The Telcom installed a PACE 
>> wireless and told me I can add as many computers as I need using a 
>> Netgear Gigabit switch.
>> I have installed one desktop on the switch and it has worked fine so 
>> far.
>> I never ised DHCP befor so any help would be appreciated.
>> /etc/rc.conf
>> -------------
>> lpd_enable="YES"
>> FreeBSD 8.* hostname=""
>> ifconfig-re0=" netmask"
>> --------------
>> For desktop I used >
>> ifconfig-re0="DHCP" to replace IP address. I seems to find the 
>> network fine. Now I cant find any information about putting a print 
>> server on the lan.
> Figure what netblock is used by DHCP, probably the same one already 
> being used (, figure out what range of those addresses 
> are not handed out by the DHCP server, and use one of those addresses 
> for the print server.
> For example, if the DHCP server is providing addresses from 
>, give the print server a static address of, say, 
> Technically, you can probably continue to use the same address. A 
> decent DHCP server will ping an address before handing it out, to make 
> sure that address is not already being used. In practice, the firmware 
> in routers can be terrible and should be replaced, if possible, with 
> third-party firmware for sanity and safety.
> Expert level for bonus points: set the DHCP server to hand out a fixed 
> address to the print server based on MAC address. The router might 
> have a web interface to set this up.
> Summary: continue to use a static IP address for the print server. 
> Just make sure that address is inside the same netblock as the DHCP 
> addresses, but preferably outside the range of dynamic addresses.
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Aloha Warren,


The PACE box is on

I will check with Hawaii telcom for instructions on this unit. The mfg's 
website is very unhelpful.


Thanks for all the helpful tips you have posted on the list.

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