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Date:      Fri, 8 Dec 1995 01:16:51 -0800 (PST)
From:      David Kirchner <>
Subject:   Western Digital boot failures
Message-ID:  <>

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	I have re-installed FreeBSD 2.1.0 about 4 times now and I still 
cannot figure out how to get it to boot.

	My drive is an 850MB EIDE drive by Western Digital and I am using 
the 'other OS compatibility' option. It has two small unused partitions 
around it in the partitioning table editor.

	When I use the standard MBR (not the 'booteasy') option it will 
say "Missing operating system" whether I set the partition active or not.

	When I use the booteasy option, I keep hitting F1 over and over, 
nothing ever happens other than repeating the "BSD  F?" banner.

	Also, about the set active option, it doesn't always stay set 
after I quit or write.

	Booting off the 'boot.flp' floppy and typing 'hd(1,a)/kernel' or 
any variation of the above, including 'wd(1,a)/kernel' will not work. The 
hd() one causes "Error: C:0 H:0 S:0" over and over, and the other way 
will just crash and require reboot.

	I hope I am not the only one with this problem and that you may 
have a solution, your online help doesn't help much. =-(

	Also, a suggestion. In your step-by-step example for novice 
installation, you didn't explain the boot manager vs. MBR vs. none of the 
above choices. It skips that unfortunately, maybe if it was there this 
would work and I wouldn't be wasting your time.

	Anyway, thanks for your help.

-- David Kirchner -- Soon to be powered by FreeBSD (I hope) --
-- -- --

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