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Date:      Fri, 8 Nov 1996 11:47:32 GMT
From:      David Goddard <>
Cc:        freebsd-questions@FreeBSD.ORG
Subject:   Re: Checksum problems installing 2.1.5R
Message-ID:  <>

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At 01:29 PM 11/7/96 -0800, Doug White wrote:

>Hm.  Have you checked by any chance?  Perhaps it is corrupted and
>is causing this chain of events.

'Fraid so - weighs in at a healthy 240,640 bytes...

>> Direct FTP install from produced similar messages.
>FTP install does?  Wierd.  It's like the disk throws a fit at that point.

Yes, wierd - common sense (and the archive) would  tell me to check my file
transfer yet again, even though I'm certain its OK, but I suspect that I
have another problem, espescially considering that the FTP install falls
over (and that *must* be doing the FTP properly, right? ;-).  My first
attempt at this installation was using the setup FTP install, putting on
most of the binary distribution, all of which loaded fine except the bin and
the manpages.

If we rule out FTP problems, that leaves two possibilities:

The binary dist on is corrupt (highly unlikely)


There is something dodgy about my setup.

Apart from re-partitioning my drives and plugging in a wee bit more RAM,
I've not changed my setup since I had 2.1.0 installed.  HD corruption?
Other hardware fault?

I had a few glitches when I originally installed 2.1.0 (including, I think,
checksum errors), but they were all down to problems trying to install the
root partition on my second HD and went away when I found the right
configuration.  Could it be anything to do with active/bootable partitions?
Am I clutching at straws?

Only glitch I had previously had with 2.1.5R was getting boot.flp to work -
it wouldn't boot.    Dodgy floppy I think, but after a few attempts it
worked.  Is it worth doing a new boot.flp on a fresh floppy just in case?
Still clutching at straws?

Incidentally, given the number of failed installs I have, it's a real pain
that the boot floppy doesn't save my configuration options :-(


David Goddard
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