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Date:      Wed, 14 Jan 2004 22:43:16 +0100
From:      =?iso-8859-1?Q?Sten_Daniel_S=F8rsdal?= <>
To:        <>
Subject:   RE: 4.9 Release ipfw2 - OUCH using limit - reboots
Message-ID:  <>

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> fuc> Has anyone seen a problem using 4.9 release with IPFW2=20
> using limit=20
> fuc> causing crashes/reboots and 'OUCH! cannot remove rule,=20
> count 65535'
> fuc> in the logfile? Or, does anyone see a problem with my logic.
> fuc> sample use of limit seeming to cause the problem:
> fuc> ipfw -q add 00182 allow log logamount 1000 tcp from any to=20
> fuc> 216.XX.XX.6 setup limit src-addr 3 in via xl1
> I can confirm the same on 4.9 with FreeBSD 4.8-RELEASE. My=20
> sysctl settings with dyn_buckets was default. Machine reboots=20
> on high amount of traffic.

I had to remove all "limit" options after i noticed they get=20
created but not destroyed. Had to reboot (or in a few cases i=20
could reload module) to fix it. I dont know why this happens
but i believe i read about a similar thing on 5.x so i chalked it up
as another bug that will be fixed soon.

I run FreeBSD 4.9-RELEASE and couple of 4.9-PRERELEASE.
Both have this issue, as far as i remember.

_// Sten Daniel S=F8rsdal

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