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Date:      Mon, 05 Aug 2013 04:39:21 +0100
From:      Frank Leonhardt <>
To:        Gary Aitken <>
Subject:   Re: AMD Phenom II X4 temperature issues  (was Re: hardware monitor)
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On 05/08/2013 03:01, Gary Aitken wrote:
> > 50C isn't crazy.
> Actually, the 50C figure is just where it shoots to for starters.
> Mfg specs say 62C max, so I stall the process when it gets around 59
> and still climbing steeply.

The manufactures specs I found when I looked that range of CPUs up was 71C

But there could be two figures - one for maximum desirable working and 
one for maximum "or else".

>> Did you get anywhere with the ACPI suggestion <snip> Try
>> to make the fan come on and stay on (tz0
>> or as appropriate).
> The fan is on and stays on all the time at the moment...

It it full speed all the time?

>> Here's the fun part. Is your system doing a thermal overload
>> shutdown? <snip>
> There is no indication in messages; the last thing before it shut down
> the last time was some su's and root logins.

This suggests it's not the ACPI in FreeBSD shutting you down, but 
something on the motherboard.

>> it might help if you posted the results of "sysctl hw.acpi.thermal",
>> but in the mean time look at:
>> hw.acpi.thermal.tz0._HOT hw.acpi.thermal.tz0._CRT
> I don't see any of those; here's what shows up in sysctl -a :
> hw.acpi.supported_sleep_state: S1 S3 S4 S5
> hw.acpi.power_button_state: S5
> hw.acpi.sleep_button_state: S1
> hw.acpi.lid_switch_state: NONE
> hw.acpi.standby_state: S1
> hw.acpi.suspend_state: S3
> hw.acpi.sleep_delay: 1
> hw.acpi.s4bios: 0
> hw.acpi.verbose: 0
> hw.acpi.disable_on_reboot: 0
> hw.acpi.handle_reboot: 0
> hw.acpi.reset_video: 0
> hw.acpi.cpu.cx_lowest: C1

Yep - definitely suggests that the thermal control isn't being done by 
FreeBSD! Go no further on this route, but check the motherboard/BIOS. I 
had one machine shut itself down due to a faulty thermistor (raise the 
threshold/ignore) but it normally happens when the parameters are wrong 
or the fan has failed. As your fan hasn't failed and the reported 
temperature is believable my best guesses are that the BIOS is either 
picking the wrong shutdown temperature for the CPU or your air ducting 
isn't good enough and it really is getting too hot. Is there a chance 
that the BIOS pre-dates the CPU and just doesn't know its working 
parameters, and is therefore playing safe?

Incidentally, ACPI is an Intel specification but applies AMD64 CPUs too. 
The thermal module only works on some chip-sets. FWIW I've found it 
works on more AMD platforms than it does Intel ones.

Regards, Frank.

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