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Date:      Sun, 13 Jan 2008 15:02:48 +0530
From: (Ashish Shukla =?utf-8?B?4KSG4KS24KWA4KS3IOCktg==?= =?utf-8?B?4KWB4KSV4KWN4KSy?=)
To:        =?utf-8?B?4KSF4KSo4KWB4KScIEFudWogU2luZ2g=?= <>
Subject:   Re: installing linux after freebsd (multi-boot)
Message-ID:  <87abnadq9r.fsf@chateau.d.lf>
In-Reply-To: <> (=?utf-8?B?IuCkheCkqOClgeCknA==?= Anuj Singh"'s message of "Sun\, 6 Jan 2008 19\:03\:28 +0530")
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>>>>> "=E0=A4=85=E0=A4=A8=E0=A5=81=E0=A4=9C" =3D=3D =E0=A4=85=E0=A4=A8=E0=
=A5=81=E0=A4=9C Anuj Singh <> writes:
    =E0=A4=85=E0=A4=A8=E0=A5=81=E0=A4=9C> hi,
    =E0=A4=85=E0=A4=A8=E0=A5=81=E0=A4=9C> Today I removed partitions from F=
edora 7  installation , (kept /home
    =E0=A4=85=E0=A4=A8=E0=A5=81=E0=A4=9C> partition from FC7). Again went t=
hrew installation  I faced no problem
    =E0=A4=85=E0=A4=A8=E0=A5=81=E0=A4=9C> this time. Fedora 7 was installed=
 without using LVM. on free space I
    =E0=A4=85=E0=A4=A8=E0=A5=81=E0=A4=9C> installed Ubntu7. server for test=
 purpose. No error.
    =E0=A4=85=E0=A4=A8=E0=A5=81=E0=A4=9C> Sequence was Freebsd6.2 , Fedora =
Core 7 then RHEL4.

    =E0=A4=85=E0=A4=A8=E0=A5=81=E0=A4=9C> When I tried installation with de=
selecting many packages (minimal
    =E0=A4=85=E0=A4=A8=E0=A5=81=E0=A4=9C> installation) for RHEL5
    =E0=A4=85=E0=A4=A8=E0=A5=81=E0=A4=9C> without using LVM , I faced no pr=
oblem, rebooted in mid to use
    =E0=A4=85=E0=A4=A8=E0=A5=81=E0=A4=9C> LVM+minimal RHEL5 again same erro=
r. Repetation with minimal

    What is LVM+minimal RHEL5, you installed RHEL5 (without using
    LVM), right... or you tried activating existing LVM partitions in your
    RHEL5 installation (on non-LVM partitions), and got into some
    error, hmm...? If thats you get, I think is some kind of bug,
    better post it to some RHEL list or check out (and post it to) Red Hat =
    and see if someone has already similar oblem.

    =E0=A4=85=E0=A4=A8=E0=A5=81=E0=A4=9C> installation+ no LVM could not co=
ntinued (found same error again).

    =E0=A4=85=E0=A4=A8=E0=A5=81=E0=A4=9C> Most likely it was due to partiti=
on table.

    Your partition table looks fine to me.

Ashish Shukla =E0=A4=86=E0=A4=B6=E0=A5=80=E0=A4=B7 =E0=A4=B6=E0=A5=81=E0=A4=
=C2=B7-- =C2=B7- =C2=B7=C2=B7=C2=B7=C2=B7 =C2=B7--- =C2=B7- =C2=B7=C2=B7=C2=
=B7- =C2=B7- =C2=B7--=C2=B7-=C2=B7 --=C2=B7 -- =C2=B7- =C2=B7=C2=B7 =C2=B7-=
=C2=B7=C2=B7 =C2=B7-=C2=B7-=C2=B7- -=C2=B7-=C2=B7 --- --

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