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Date:      Fri, 08 Nov 1996 06:57:19 -0800
From:      John Scharles <>
Subject:   Taylor UUCP chat
Message-ID:  <>

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I'm trying to automate a logon session using cu and everything seems to work
fine until I try to use chat to send a 'cr' to initiate the login. For now
the connection is direct and if I manually hit enter after the Connected
message all goes well. Throwing cu into the debug mode doesn't shed much
light for me!

Here are the taylor files I've set up:

#SYS file
# The name of the remote system that we call.
system test
# The port we use to dial out.
port OB0
chat ""  \r\n           #trying enter and newline!

# PORT file defaults
type direct
speed 38400
carrier true
hardflow true
# This is the name of the port.
port OB0
device /dev/cue0

When I try cu -d test I get:

cu: fconn_open: Opening port OB0 (default speed)
cu: fconn_set: Changing setting to 0, 0, 2
~.                      #manually closing the session after no login prompt

cu: Exit status 0
cu: fconn_close: Closing connection

If the chat worked I should have a login prompt after the Connected message.

Anyone out there schooled in the strange vodoo of taylor scripts?


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