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Date:      Thu, 18 Sep 2014 17:28:57 -0600
From:      "Dale Scott" <>
To:        "'Matthew Seaman'" <>, <>
Subject:   RE: is pkg saying courier and postfix are incompatible?
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>] On Behalf Of Matthew Seaman
> Sent: Thursday, September 18, 2014 12:01 AM
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> Subject: Re: is pkg saying courier and postfix are incompatible?
> On 18/09/2014 05:34, Dale Scott wrote:
> > Do you know if it's difficult to setup Dovecot to authenticate a
> > webmail username and password using /etc/master.passwd (like the =
> > recipe with courier-authlib), or authenticate using an OpenLDAP
> > server?
> Yes, this is pretty easy in fact.  I just went through setting up a =
new mail system
> where I work, using postfix+dovecot+openldap.  Works like a charm.

Thanks Matthew, good to hear. I had planned to first test basic mailing =
from web apps with mail going to local system users, and use mutt to see =
mail in local Maildir/ mailboxes. After seeing it work, I then want to =
provide imap/pop3 access to mail. Finally, switch to virtual or =
non-system-users (to avoid need to create system users). =20

I installed postfix-2.11.1_4,1 as a pkg and just noticed "pkg info =
postfix" reports DOVECOT and OPENLDAP options are off. Do I need these =
in my scenarios? I didn't put a ports tree on this system to see if it =
was possible to build a system from packages only, but am also not =
averse to recognizing it was pipe dream (and remember how to use =
portmaster again).

Is there anything special needed in Dovecot?

Fwiw, I'm also finding I can demo workflows with emails much faster =
using Mutt (and multiple terminal sessions), than could be done demoing =
with Outlook and mousing/clicking around.=20


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