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Date:      Wed, 22 Jan 2003 15:25:46 -0600
From:      "Kirk R. Wythers" <>
To:        <>
Subject:   ran out of room on / while installing the world
Message-ID:  <000001c2c25c$d438d7b0$12387618@q1d0p9>

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I just ran into a problem trying to a 'make installworld' while going
from 4.7 to 5.0-R. I thought I checked and had 30M free on / before I
started this. However, after building, the world, building the kernel,
installing the kernel, running mergemaster -p, I went to install the
world and got the error 'out of space on /' 

I need to find some room, but I'm a little nervous about what I can rm.
Here is what I'm looking at:

1) / partition is 79M, 64M are used (I was almost sure there was more
room than that on / before I satarted). 
2) /tmp is on it's own partition
3) du -h on subdirectories breakdown like this. 
	a.       18M /boot
	b.       1.4M /etc
	c.       3.7M /kernel
	d.       3.9M /kern.GENERIC
	e.       6M /modules
	f.       21M /sbin
	g.       2.1M /stand

as you can see that pretty much accounts for it. The rest of the stuff
is pretty small.

I need to know if I can delete any of this stuff and still successfully
do a 'make installworld'? Particularly, is there anything in /boot or
/sbin that can be deleted while up in single user mode before 'make
installworld' (assuming that it is not needed for the install and will
be replaced by the install process)?



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