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Date:      Sun, 8 Sep 1996 20:31:00 -0700 (PDT)
From:      Doug White <>
To:        jlm <>
Subject:   Re: how to problem ..
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On 8 Sep 1996, jlm wrote:

> please forgive the lowercase, i suffer from arthritis and these days type
> singularly in lowercase for my emails.

That's OK.

Please do not send FreeBSD questions to me directly -- I don't have all
the answers.  :-)  Use <> instead.

> anyway, i ws hoping you could help me with a problem, i have subscribed to
> several freebsd mailing lists (install, questions and a couple more like that).
> my problem is that ive forgotten how to post an article to the mailing list ..
> if you wouldn't mind, please.

Just send the mail to the list address, ie to send to questions write To:

> i've mannaged to get myself twisted out of shape over the new freebsd release
> 2.1.5 .. the cd arived here the other day and i popped it into the caddy and
> typed install from the root directory on the cd and after the probe ... the
> probe, all it did was sit thier with a white block cursor in the lower lefthand
> corner. then i made the boot diskette and tried again, turning off the machine
> to give it time to settle .. the same happened again.

Try booting with the -c option and remove all the devices that are not
installed in your system.

I'm including the information below and forwarding to questions in case
someone has a clue as to your problem.  I'd usually say 'sio conflict' but
they don't exist in the 2.1.5-RELEASE boot floppy because we removed the

> then i got out my previous rev's of freebsd (2.1.0 & 2.0.5), they all booted
> into the installation menu without any problems. then i did the basic sandshoe
> shuffle around the other 3 machine in my small network and rev 2.1.5 fired up
> on all three. these machines are all old technology i486dx33 and i386sx20's
> with adaptec 1542b scsi and tween 8 and 16 meg of dram.
> so whats different with the one that won't present the installation menu, it is
> an intel pentium 133 mhz triton v2.0 with 256k of pipeline burst cache and 32
> meg of dram. peripherals include, buslogic bt958 ultra wide scsi host, stb
> powergraph 64 with 2 meg (s3 trio64v+ chipset), nec 4d, a pair of fujitsu
> 1049kb scsi2 harddisks, a tandberg tdc 3820 qic-525 streamer, smc pci 10 mb/s
> etherpower (digital dc21041 ethernet), sony 4x scsi cdrom (cdu76s), and a pair
> of sony 1.44 mb 3 1/2 inch floppy drives.
> one thing that i did notice out of the ordinary as it did the probe were these
> two lines very close to the end, after it has started the isa bus probe,
> bt: unit number (1) too high
> bt1 not found at 0x330
> and if it helps this is the what it says earlier on in the piece, when it is
> probing the pci bus,
> bt0 <Buslogic 946 SCSI host adapter> rev 8 int a irq 10 on pci0:17
> bt0: Bt 958 / 0-(32bit) bus
> bt0: reading board settings, busmastering, int=10
> bt0: ver 5.05R, faast sync, parity, 32 mbxs, 32 ccbs
> bt0: targ 0 sync rate=10.00MB/s(100ns), offset=15
> bt0: targ 1 sync rate=10.00MB/s(100ns), offset=15
> bt0: targ 3 sync rate= 5.00MB/s(200ns), offset=15
> bt0: Using Strict Round robin scheme
> bt0 waiting for scsi devices to settle 
> (bt0:0:0): "FUJITSU M1606S-512 6236" type 0 fixed SCSI 2
> sd0(bt0:0:0):Direct-Access 1041 MB (2131992 512 byte sectors)
> (bt0:1:0): "FUJITSU M1606S-512 6236" type 0 fixed SCSI 2
> sd1(bt0:1:0):Direct-Access 1041 MB (2131992 512 byte sectors)
> (bt0:3:0): "SONY CD-ROM CDU-76S 1.1c" type 5 removable SCSI 2
> cd0(bt0:3:0): CD-ROM present.[320495 x 2048 byte records]
> yes, i'm about as confused as my pentium appears to be
> sigh, its been a long long night and i'd better put it all away before i start
> seeing things.
> any assistance would be most appreciated, even if its information about bt958
> support at some point in the future .. i'm still glad i didn't get the aha2940
> host adapter, er at least i think i'm glad .. grin
> sorry for this two parter, but i let my mouth write a cheque that my body is
> now having trouble honouring.
> regards ... jonathan
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