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Date:      Wed, 8 Aug 2007 23:36:50 +0100
From:      "Digital Dance (CT)" <>
Subject: Ibiza Newsmail: Radio 1 + Manumission update
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           Issue 6 Wednesday August 8 2007 
           Ibiza this year? Bring your knitting and a pack of cards.
             We&rsquo;re not doomsayers over here at Clubtickets Towers. On the contrary  there&rsquo;s generally no one faster than us at putting a brave face on  things and seeing roses in amongst all those thorny bushes. But this  summer in Ibiza has been fairly trying even for our cheery  dispositions. 
               After Amnesia, Bora Bora and DC10 comes  Manumission. No sooner had everything got back on track and open again,  then it was the turn of the original superclub themselves to succumb to  the curse of 07 and find itself with thousands of punters and nowhere  to put them last Friday following a catastrophic fall-out with venue  Privilege that resulted in the club simply shutting its doors and  refusing anyone to enter.
               Don't worry, everyone who bought  tickets received full refunds, and we&rsquo;ve got more on that story in this  issue, including news of what the next move may be for these clubbing  chess pieces&hellip;checkmate or stalemate&hellip;you decide.
               This week is  also attempts to welcome Radio 1 back to the island, who are taking no  chances this year and virtually locking themselves inside the Mambo  studio in an effort to stay on the right side of the authorities. You  don&rsquo;t have to be so dull though&hellip;.check out all the other stuff on this  week as promoters cash in on the seasons biggest weekend and throw some  even more huge parties&hellip;
               Clubtickets Ibiza Team. 
             In the news...
             Manumisson...What's Going On
              Doors closed on the worlds biggest Friday night? Could this summer get any more outrageous?
               Marvin  Gaye isn&rsquo;t the first person to spring to mind when thinking of Ibiza,  but his words certainly were this Friday night when nearly 5000  clubbers turned up in buses and taxis alike to find the doors of  Privilege locked shut on what should have been one of the busiest  Manumission&rsquo;s of the summer. 
               Various reasons are being  discussed as to being behind the closure. What is known is that the  venue was closed by the owner himself, Jos&eacute; Mar&iacute;a Etxaniz after a row  with Manumission&rsquo;s Andy Mackay. Manumission staff and performers were  turned away on arriving for work, and chaos reigned for hours in San  Rafel as the message gradually trickled out onto the street,  unfortunately too late for the many that arrived by disco bus or taxi  from San Antonio and Ibiza. Read more... 
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