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Date:      Thu, 28 Nov 1996 23:57:01 -0800 (PST)
From:      Doug White <>
To:        Kent Vander Velden <>
Subject:   Re: where is tset?
Message-ID:  <>
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On Sat, 23 Nov 1996, Kent Vander Velden wrote:

>   Where is tset being called from when a person logs into a freebsd box?
> This is causing some reall annoyances when I telnet from a xterm and
> after I login the tab stops are messed up on anything except a 80 column
> screen.  This causes the first character of each line to be the extra me
> last character of the previous line except for the first line.  I use
> tcsh if that matters.  I have grepped in /etc/ ~/. /usr/share/skel, etc
> and have yet to find where this is being called from.

You missed it.  It's in .login.

#csh .login file

set noglob
---------->  eval `tset -s -m 'network:?xterm'`
unset noglob
stty status '^T' crt -tostop

if (-x /usr/games/fortune) /usr/games/fortune

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