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Date:      Fri, 8 Dec 1995 13:39:25 -0500
From:      Darin Lee <>
To:        "''" <>
Message-ID:  <>

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There seemed to be sparse docs referring to what happens if FREEBSD doesn't 
install properly, prior to the BSD (UNIX)prompt. My system installation
never made it that far. Perhaps this is a specific problem and not many
users experience it...

I am installing FREEBSD from a DOS partition (my ACER IDE CD-ROM is
unsupported). I went through all the pre-installation steps and allocated a 
complete 1.2 Gig hard drive to the installation.I also made sure my
dierctories were the correct size. I then copied the installation files
(ie. FREEBSD\DISTS\BIN) to my C:\FREEBSD directory, as outlined in the
instructions. I did this for all of the files I wished to install, by the
numbers. I selected all of my options, and then 'committed' them. Here's
the proverbial rub...

FREEBSD began installation but hung with an error of "cannot create the
ROOT image" or something to that extent. I tried this several times and
always would hang at this point. The message simply concluded "correct
problem and retry."

As a backup, I created a set of installation floppies for the MAN pages,
and the Binaries. Installation went fine, however, I booted into a UNIX
environment with none of the extras. No X, No nothing...When I tried to
create floppies for X, I noticed that some of the files were 1.6m, rather
difficult to get on a 1.44m floppy :(

In summary I'm wondering if anyone else has had this problem installing
from a DOS partition? Is it possible that the *.flp images need to be "raw" 
copied onto my installation (source) hard dive? If so rawrite won't do it,
it wants a floppy...I copied everything exactly stated in the instructions, 
and even checked the files with 'FC /b' to make sure they were the same
(which they were). I also tried botting with a floopy and installing from a 
DOS partition that way, no go. In text mode of the install I noticed that
gzip reported the 'ROOT' file was corrupt and prematurely ended, yet this
isn't a problem when creating a boot floppy off of CD. HELP?!?

Darin M. Lee   <>

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