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Date:      Sat, 19 Jun 2004 10:31:25 -0400
From:      Matt Juszczak <>
Subject:   IPFW questions: mac filtering
Message-ID:  <>

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Hello everyone,

I originally posted the following message to -questions last night and 
got a lot of replies:

Is there a way to do IP redirection without using layer 3? (IPNAT or 
routing)?  I have a bridge setup and want to redirect any port 80 
traffic outgoing through the bridge to a specific server .... but it 
seems I can only do this with ipfw's forward/fwd or ipnat's rdr commands 
... which are all layer 3 oriented and dont work with just a bridge...

What I basically wanted to know was whether I could just use a bridge on 
my FreeBSD box, but still use ipfw or ipnat's forward/rdr options.  
Looks like the answer is no... seems i actually have to do routing or 
NAT to get this working ......

So i had another idea, which has sparked another quesiton.  Even as a 
bridge, can ipfw still filter by source mac address (as long as the 
bridge is on the same subnet, since layer 2 addresses aren't passed very 
far)......if so, is there a document i can read on how I could filter by 
mac addresses?

Thanks again for everyone's continuing help.  And if anyone has any 
ideas about my quoted question above that I asked to -questions last 
night, please let me know.  For now I'm just assuming its a lost cause.


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