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Date:      Wed, 28 Nov 2012 16:31:17 -0800
From:      "Ronald F. Guilmette" <>
Subject:   Re: Advanced Format Drive ?
Message-ID:  <>
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In message <>, 
Warren Block <> wrote:

>> I tried to do as you suggest and change the partition type to freebsd-ufs,
>> but there's a problem...
>> # gpart modify -i 1 -t freebsd-ufs /dev/da1
>> gpart: Invalid argument
>da1 is the drive.  da1s1 is the first slice.

Yeabut that's what I thought that the -i option was for!  I mean isn't the parameter for
that supposed to tell gpart which sub-part of the whole "geom" thing that is named on
the command line is supposed to be modified?

Well, now I'm totally confused, but I'll try it again in the way I think you are suggesting...

# gpart modify -i 1 -t freebsd-ufs /dev/da1s1
gpart: geom '/dev/da1s1': Invalid argument


What else should I try?

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