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Date:      Tue, 17 Mar 2009 22:55:56 +0000
From:      Frank Shute <>
To:        Neal Hogan <>
Subject:   Re: portupgrade question (failed updates)
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On Tue, Mar 17, 2009 at 03:24:10PM -0500, Neal Hogan wrote:
> What do we do about packages that "fail" to update?
> This is my first time running portupgrade, and am unsure what to think about
> the ones where there is a "configure error" or "uknown build error" or
> "install error"
> FYI -- I followed the following steps:
> 1) upgraded from 7.0-RELEASE to 7.1-RELEASE
> 2) updated /usr/ports: #portsnap fetch/extract/update
> 3) udated db: #pkgdb -u
> 4) fixed db: #pkgdb -F
> 5) updated installed packages: #portupgrade -av
> At the end of the "week-long" process I have 6 failed attempts:
> linux-atk-1.9.1 (install error)
> linux-pango-1.10.2 (install error)
> intltool-0.37.1 (unknown build error)
> xkeyboard-config-1.3 (configure error)
> shared-mime-info-0.51 (configure error)
> policykit-0.9_1 (configure error)
> My system seems to run just fine. So, should I be worried?
> Thanks!

If your system runs fine then you've got a bit of time on your hands
to investigate further into why those ports didn't build.

First, check /usr/ports/UPDATING for any errata against those ports.
Then upgrade them one by one. E.g:

# portupgrade -v linux-atk


and take note of whereabouts in the build process it is failing. The
use of scrl-lock and page-up/down is recommended in looking at the
output or use script(1).

You should be able to figure out what is going wrong from the output.
If you can't, post the output of portupgrade (snipped around where it
goes wrong) to this list and people will help you.




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