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Date:      Mon, 1 May 1995 08:40:18 -0400 (EDT)
From:      Chuck Robey <>
Subject:   Re: Potential user questions (CDROM/FAT/Mouse/Security)?
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On Sat, 29 Apr 1995, Michael L. Kornegay wrote:

> Hi,
> I am considering tring FreeBSD (the CD-ROM distribution).  
> I had several questions that were not clear for my looking at the
> various web pages:  
>   o If the CD-ROM drive I have is not supported, does the CD-ROM
>     distribution come with an alternative install method (such as
>     the creation of install floppies or some other technique possibly
>     using the DOS slice) (I have looked at your hardware list and 
>     believe it is likely I may have incompatible CD-ROMs)?

Can use a floppy install, or use ftp.  Utilities on the disk for the 
floppy, and the ftp is done for you.

>   o I understand the DOS slice for allowing FreeBSD to access DOS
>     FAT file systems (I assume it allows access to the primary and
>     extended DOS partitions).  Is there a way to store and use FAT
>     space for portions of FreeBSD (I believe Linux has a capability
>     like this?)?  

FreeBSD needs its own partition to run.

>   o In the web pages, particulars about support of pointing (mouse)
>     devices for notebook computers was not clear.  Is a device like
>     a ThinkPad TrackPoint supported?  

I'm not clear myself on this one, you'll have to look at the FAQ on

>   o If FreeBSD is setup in its stock form, how resistant is it to
>     probes from utilities like SATAN?  Are the well known security
>     holes closed in this Unix variant?  

It depends on how you set up the system administration on your particular 
system.  Some folks set up a very secure system, others bypass the 
security completely (although that seems insane to me).  Certainly all 
the tools are there for you to make a secure system, and FreeBSD keeps up 
with all the latest security technology.

>   o What would a good evaluation system disk allocation be for 
>     FreeBSD (basic system, networking, and X)?  From what I read in
>     the web pages it sounds like maybe 200mb would be required for
>     these components?

It really depends on how many applications you're going to install, and 
how much of the source code you want to be able to browse through.  I 
think 200 megs will get you either a good look at a lot of source, or a 
fair number of applications, or a limited mix of both.  It seems a pretty 
fair value for evaluation.

> ***I am not on this mailing list.  Please respond directly to me possibly
> CCing the list***.  I will join in the future if I decide to get the
> CD-ROM distribution.  

Good luck!  This system is a lot of fun to use.

> Thanks for your help,
> ___________________
> Michael L. Kornegay
> Internet:   UUCP: bir!mlk   

Chuck Robey                 | Interests include any kind of voice or data          | communications topic, C programming, and Unix.
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New Carrollton, MD 20784    | I run Journey2 (Freebsd 2.0) and n3lxx
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