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Date:      Sun, 07 Nov 2004 01:20:51 -0500
From:      Gerard Samuel <>
To:        "Joseph H. Fry" <>
Subject:   Re: First questions: rebuilding world
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Joseph H. Fry wrote:

>>Once in single user mode, ssh is out of the question.  In single user
>>mode, only
>>*person* can login, and that is at the actual terminal.
>>Depending on the situation, for example.  My firewall is at the other
>>side of the
>>house, without a keyboard/monitor.
>>Since the box doesn't have any other logged in users, I
>>normally build world in multi user mode. Doing so is taking a
>>chance with the success of the build world, but like I said,
>>it depends on the situation...
>Thanks!  So you can do everything in multiuser mode, or do you still
>have to drop to single user mode to actually install the new kernel and
>new system binaries?
I've done everything in multiuser mode on more than one occasion.

>Also, does doing all of this bring me to the most recent stable release?
>(I noticed that 5.3 was released yesterday, presumably just after I
>downloaded 5.2.1).
You probably will have 5.3 sources if you used RELENG_5.3.

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