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Date:      Fri, 13 Sep 1996 13:18:44 +0200 (MET DST)
From: (Greg Lehey)
To: (FreeBSD Questions)
Subject:   Re: Popularity
Message-ID:  <>

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Jim Casey writes:
> How popular is FreeBSD in comparrison to Linux ?

As other people have said, that depends.  It's *much* more popular
with me :-) If you're looking for figures (how many people have
bothered to register), I think Linux outnumbers FreeBSD by about 10 to
1.  I personally think that just goes to show that FreeBSD users are
more likely to register than Linux users, and the real number of
people who have installed the system and use it might be as high as
100 to 1.  But as somebody pointed out, Linux is a whole lot better
than DOS, and DOS users outnumber Linux users by probably 1000 to 1.

> I am looking for a Unix OS to practice on. I manage a Sco Unix based
> network and want something That I can "Bang on". Linux was ok, But I am
> wondering if FreeBsd would be more like SCO.

I think you'll find that Linux and FreeBSD are closer to each other
than they are to SCO.  I've used SCO a lot, and it's a *pain*.  On the
other hand, if you just want to keep the same environment as SCO, why
not use SCO?  You can even legally get it for free for the purposes
for which you want to use it (see for more details).

On the other hand, if you want a good, stable, *usable* system, try
FreeBSD.  I'd lay a small wager that you won't want to go back to SCO.


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