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Date:      31 Dec 2002 01:35:06 -0500
From:      Lowell Gilbert <>
Subject:   Re: do we have to wait for PHP 4.3 port?
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"Brian" <> writes:

> Because ports are really config files to obtain and install other peoples
> software.  Ports that would be deemed critical to system operation, like
> perl, I could see freezing those.  But all ports?

The number of ports that are mission-critical to *somebody* numbers in
the hundreds, perhaps thousands.  You were asking about PHP; to risk
shipping an official FreeBSD release without a full release process on
the PHP port would be negligent.

>                                                    BTW I'd love to see
> sendmail and named removed from the installs and moved to ports/packages
> only.

Lots of people say that, but no one's done the work yet.  It's a
*huge* amount of work, if you think about it:  being able to deliver
daily reports is a critical function, and while most systems don't
need named, other essential resolver tools can't be easily separated
from the rest of BIND.

But this has all been covered before, at great length; if you're
interested in taking the task on, see the mailing list archives.

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