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Date:      Mon, 11 Sep 1995 10:32:15 PDT
From:      "Marty Leisner" <>
Subject:   installing freebsd off nfs
Message-ID:  <>

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The distribution is in all this *.{aa,ab,ac,...} files, which cated
togetther form a compressed tar.

Should I leave them allow, or cat them together to make a tar file...

I'd like a pointer to more manual instructions (i.e. I already have
a working FreeBSD system on one slice (2.0) I'm going to install 2.05
on another slice...

Also, any good ideas on how to make
linux (I want to use loadlin)
Freebsd  (I want to use the fbsdboot program)


I have a 1.2 gigabyte disk I just bought, and I'm not going to install
any extended disk managers the WD Caviar came with...I figure if I
want to get at the first 528 Mbyte from DOS, I'll be fine...

So I figure I'll partition it:

first 300 Mbytes DOS/win95
next 100 Mbytes NT
next 400 Mbytes FreeBSD
remainder linux

Since linux boots from loadlin, its no problem getting at the partition
Since freebsd starts at 400 Mbytes, I should be able to boot easily with fbsdboot...

I'm not sure how Win95/NT play with the boot sectors...

I currently have a system where:
	I can boot NT or dos
	After I boot dos, win95 comes up
	If I quickly hit the F4/F8 keys, I can boot old dos...

any recommendation on boot managers...I've never used one...

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