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Date:      Fri, 4 Oct 1996 17:50:37 -0700 (PDT)
From:      Howard Lew <hlew@sequence.Stanford.EDU>
To:        "Mark O'Lear" <Mark.Olear@Colorado.EDU>
Subject:   Re: a trick for /etc/ttys
Message-ID:  <Pine.SUN.3.91.961004174126.12721B-100000@marmite.Stanford.EDU>
In-Reply-To: <3252833B.3229@Colorado.EDU>

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On Wed, 2 Oct 1996, Mark O'Lear wrote:

> Sorry, I should have stated this as:
> If you want to use com4 with a modem (DCE), only use cuaa3 in
> /etc/ttys.  If you want to use com4 with a direct connect serial
> device (other than a modem - DTE), only use ttyd3 in /etc/ttys.
> Since you are using a modem, you should use cuaa3 instead of ttyd3
> (this includes using cuaa3 in all comm programs as well.)  v/mgetty
> is expecting that you will use the same device for it to listen on
> and for you to use with comm programs.  Although cuaa3 and ttyd3 are
> actually the same device, when you opened cuaa3 with a comm program,
> v/mgetty didn't know that it was the same as ttyd3, so it was still
> listening, and getting half (or so) of your input.  If you open the
> same device that v/mgetty is listening on, then v/mgetty knows to
> stop listening until you are done.

okay...  guess what?  I had mgetty/vgetty compiled with the wrong locks
setting (should be set to zero).  Thanks for all the hints and help.  I
guess that erroneous setting in the makefile can lead to lots of time
wasted troubleshooting a problem.. 

But after fixing that it seems to work fine now.  The only other thing I 
have not figured out is how to get vgetty to answer first with voice, 
then fax, and finally data.  It does the first two without any problems, 
but just hangs up after the fax attempt fails.  Any hints for this one?

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