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Date:      Wed, 17 Jun 2020 12:09:27 +0800
From:      Wesley Peng <>
To:        "" <>
Subject:   Re: Why does FreeBSD not use the Linux kernel?
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That sounds strange, GNU tools + kernel = Un*x
If kernel was replaced to Linux, the new product is another form of Linux,
nothing related to BSD.


On Wed, Jun 17, 2020 at 11:33 AM kindu smith <> wrote:

> Why does FreeBSD not use the Linux kernel? The structure of FreeBSD is
> very good, such as the startup and directory structure, and the user
> island program. The only shortcoming is poor hardware support. This is
> mainly due to the lack of drivers provided by the kernel. The Linux
> kernel is assisted by developers around the world. Changing to the
> Linux kernel can make up for this shortcoming. For the system
> architecture, package management pkg, and user island programs can
> still use the original FreeBSD.
> Among the unix-like systems, the most popular except macos is ubuntu.
> This does not mean that ubuntu is good enough. It is still very poor
> compared to archlinux and other distros. But it is still the most
> popular because it takes a road from users, servers, to the cloud. That
> is to first increase the user's utilization rate, then increase the
> popularity, and then seek the popularity of the server and cloud
> fields.
> I think the reason why FreeBSD has reduced the number of users is
> because it does not take care of the experience of ordinary users, and
> it takes the opposite path from a server, cloud to users. Positioning
> such an excellent operating system as just server usage has greatly
> reduced its popularity.
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