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Date:      Fri, 28 Sep 2001 09:50:59 -0600
From:      Randy Smith <>
To:        <>
Subject:   Re: Question about FreeBSD isp server
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On Wednesday 26 September 2001 15:21, you wrote:
>  I just registered a domain name for my family, and would appreciate some
> advice.
> I want to configure a web server that people can request an account, and
> after I approve it's automagically created. Planning on using FreeBSD4.4
> with Apache & ???
>  - I want to configure the server so anyone can publish a website based in
> their home directory to share pictures etc. (i.e.
>, where 'website' name will be picked by them) - I
> can handle the DNS portion, and the Apache virtual server(s)
>  - Any way to automate this, or utilities out there that have already been
> scripted?? 

I have a Perl script that will create the user, website and update apache. 
(Runs from the command line.) (I use it to add virtual hosts at the ISP where 
I work.) You have to be there to enter the password so it's not totally 
automatic. (It's not a problem for me since I have to enter their password 
sometime. :-) However, I use 'pw' to add the user so pw(8) my give you some 
clues on how to automate the password entry if you need to.)

Contact me off the list if you (or anyone else reading this) wants a copy.

> - Needs to be password protected for access to any 3rd level
> webs

I'm not sure what you need here. Do you want to password protect the sites or 
the script?

> Since I have seen quite a few messages posted about similar issues on this
> list, I figured all you experts could offer some advice.
> Thanks in advance,

Glad to help.

> -Tony
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