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Date:      Fri, 18 Nov 2016 09:59:25 -0600 (CST)
From:      "Valeri Galtsev" <>
To:        "SOUL_OF_ROOT 55" <>
Subject:   Re: Microsoft announced it is joining The Linux Foundation?
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On Thu, November 17, 2016 5:35 pm, SOUL_OF_ROOT 55 wrote:
> At its Connect(); 2016 developer event in New York City today, Microsoft
announced it is joining The Linux Foundation. And the company isn’t joining
> just to say it did: Microsoft is joining at the Platinum level, the
> level of membership, which costs $500,000 annually. John Gossman,
> on the Microsoft Azure team, will sit on the foundation’s Board of
Directors and help underwrite projects.
> reference:
> Can this be?  Microsoft announced it is joining The Linux Foundation?

It is well known tactics (maybe this even qualifies as strategy?): If you
can not defeat them, then join then, do all necessary to lead them, and
lead them into oblivion. Or into the place you want them to be. Mind that
MS is in it for money. Nothing else. Not security. (you continue the list
of what you expect of the system). And whatever it needs to be done for MS
to get more money, MS will do it.

One of the indications of this same process was in: RedHat making RHEL
Linux less like UNIX, and more like MS Windows: most of the junk is now
configured trough GUI, systemd and friends, binary logs, and variety of
other stuff that people brought up on UNIX will consider sysadmin's
disaster. If you program - and many of us do or did in the past - you know
that to solve the problem, you first need to isolate it: find small
portion of code, or module where the problem occurs. This becomes much
less doable (on sysadmin's level) with most modern Linux incarnations. So,
the process of leading Linux into nonexistence definitely has begun, and
progresses successfully. We may be just witnessing next big step.

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