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Date:      Sun, 4 Sep 2011 15:08:11 -0700
From:      Michael Sierchio <>
To:        Brett Glass <>
Cc:        Johan Hendriks <>,
Subject:   Re: Cutting sendmail out of the loop
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I might suggest installing qmail, and running qmail-send only.  This
involves moving /usr/sbin/sendmail out of the way, and

ln -s /var/qmail/bin/sendmail /usr/sbin/sendmail

which satisfies every invocation of sendmail I've seen.  YMMV.

- M

On Sun, Sep 4, 2011 at 2:44 PM, Brett Glass <> wrote:
> Johan:
> Actually, since the system I'm building is meant to be very secure and
> appliance-like, it doesn't ever need to get mail "out of the system." And it
> has limited memory, so it shouldn't be running a mail daemon. At most, it
> needs a mail system that can ONLY mail locally, solely for the purpose of
> satisfying programs that want to send users status via mail. (The mail files
> will be trimmed by newsyslog, so they can't consume infinite space.) Even
> the Dragonfly mail daemon would be overkill.
> I've tried putting mail.local(8) in as the "sendmail" program in
> mailer.conf, but it turns out that there are problems with command line
> options. Not only doesn't mail.local(8) understand all of the fancy options
> that Sendmail accepts; it doesn't even understand some of the simpler ones
> that are emitted by mail(8)! For example, mail(8) uses the -i option when
> invoking sendmail, to keep it from treating lines with just a dot as an end
> of file marker. mail.local(8) doesn't even have that "feature;" it always
> waits for EOF. So, it doesn't have that command line option and balks if you
> include it.
> I'm thinking that a simple wrapper around mail.local(8) that processed the
> command line options (Has anyone written one? I find it hard to believe that
> no one has) would allow mail.local to serve as a local mailer and bypass
> sendmail(8). If someone handed it an address with an "@" (or, for that
> matter, anything else that wasn't the name of a local user), mail.local(8)
> would just reject it.
> --Brett Glass
> At 02:35 PM 9/4/2011, Johan Hendriks wrote:
>> Maybe ssmtp is something you can use.
>> It is in ports, it does get mail out of the system.
>> I use it on all of my servers so i can receive the cron mails and so on.
>> Personaly i think sendmail should be replaced by such small mailer.
>> Also Dragonfly has removed Sendmail for there own small and clean mailer
>> called DMA.
>> DMA - DragonFly Mail Agent
>> Gr
>> Johan Hendriks
>> Double L
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