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Date:      Fri, 13 Apr 2012 10:23:16 -0400
From:      "John McDonnell" <>
To:        <>
Subject:   RE: FTP oddness, over SSH session.
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> From: [mailto:owner-freebsd- 
>] On Behalf Of Dave B

> FYI, you have to create an entry in FileZilla's Site Manager, for it 
> to invoke SFTP, the "Quickconnect" feature just uses plain vanilla FTP.
> Best Regards.
> Dave Baxter.

You can use the "Quickconnect" feature with SFTP. If you are running on
standard port 22, you can simply put 22 in the port box. For non-standard
ports, you can prepend sftp:// to the host name and it will connect via SFTP
instead of FTP.

Apologies to Dave as he'll be getting this twice as I somehow forgot to
include questions@ when replying. Thought this might come in handy for
others who want to SFTP into a box with FileZilla, so resending to the list
this time.

All in all, creating an entry in Site Manager makes more sense if it's
something you connect to from your own hardware. From someone else's
machine, the quick connect is quite handy though.

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