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Date:      9 Feb 1996 22:37:37 GMT
From: (Thomas Graichen)
Subject:   Re: Linux-emu, Netscape and syslog
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Nik Clayton ( wrote:
: Hi,

: I'm running Netscape/Linux (for Java) on my 2.1R box. It all works nicely,
: except for the harmless but annoying syslog() not supported messages.

: I know these are fixed in -current or -stable. But if at all possible
: I don't want to have to do the complete upgrade, just get those bits of
: it that fix this problem.

simply look into /sys/i386/linux/linux_dummy.c (or somesuch) and comment out
the line which is doing the syslog printf you don't want - rebuild your kernel
and you're done


  thomas graichen

  perfection is reached, not when there is no longer anything to add, but when
      there is no longer anything to take away    antoine de saint-exupery

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