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Date:      04 Jul 1997 13:04:25 +0400
From: (Sergei S. Laskavy)
To: (Bryan Ogawa)
Subject:   Re: Missing libX?
Message-ID:  <>
In-Reply-To:'s message of 27 Jun 1997 13:27:01 -0700
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    From: (Bryan Ogawa)
    Subject: Can't find shared library
    Newsgroups: comp.unix.bsd.freebsd.misc
    Date: 27 Jun 1997 13:27:01 -0700
    Organization: Primenet Services for the Internet

   Pochic> I have a lot of program (emacs, xemacs, clients from the RSA
   Pochic> challenge, ...) that won't work because of missing libraries:
   Pochic> for example, xemacs says: " failed: can't find shared
   Pochic> library"

    Ogawa> Do you have these libraries installed?  This looks like an
    Ogawa> X library: do you have XFree installed?
    Ogawa> If you don't want to install X for these programs, consider
    Ogawa> using the ports collection to recompile them without X
    Ogawa> support.

Thats strange... Many programs can be compiled in such way, that they
work OK in both terminal and X11 modes.

But ... if some program is linked against X11 libs but DO NOT USE them
in current environment. Now we have two ports for "vim" editor ("vim"
and "gvim"). Maybe, there is some way to solve that problem at the
dynamic linking stage?

Sergei S. Laskavy

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