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Date:      Wed, 04 Feb 2009 11:41:06 -0500
From:      FreeBSD <>
To:        "" <>
Subject:   Strange fetch behaviour
Message-ID:  <>

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Hi everyone,

I'm totally mystified by this one:

I have a shell script that fetch a couple of RSS feeds periodically. It 
worked fine. I now want to integrate a 3 times retry if the fetch fails. 
The logic of the script if now good but when I'm testing the script by 
unplugging the network cable to confirm that the script is retrying I 
can see that fetch always succeed to download, even with the cable 

There is the output received by email from cron:

fetch: No address record
Let's wait...actualites.xml
fetch: No address record
Let's wait...actualites.xml
fetch: No address record
Let's wait...actualites.xml
Let's continue...
/usr/local/www/canadien.xml                             10 kB  479 kBps
/usr/local/www/insolite.xml                           9329  B  448 kBps

But the cable is still unplugged! Every feed comes from the same source 

At the beginning, my script used ftp instead of fetch, but I got the 
same result. I'm using a simple 'fetch -o actualites.xml' command that take the output file 
and the source file from a variable. I could paste the code but there's 
part of it in French so I'll just start with this.

I'm wondering if there is any sort of caching or verification that if 
the output file is already there not to download again? I know it's 
silly but I'm totally confused...

Thanks for your help.


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