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Date:      Sun, 10 Dec 2017 10:12:52 +0000
From:      "Thomas Mueller" <>
Subject:   Re: looks like I am no longer welcome around here
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from Polytropon:

> Please allow me a few comments regarding your rant (which has
> some valid point, but in my opinion illustrates a little lack
> of understanding of how some things on FreeBSD work):
> > They don't like to be called out or have some one be critcal of the
> > "new" flavor system or any "new" thing that comes down the pike. It has
> > caused a butt load of issues with my systems here.

> In that case, "they" would have kicked me more than once for
> expressing that I don't like the sc -> vt transition (which,
> as I might mention again, is one of the biggest show stoppers,
> because vt isn't a fully working replacement of sc, and it
> can do only a fraction of what sc could, and even that only
> at bad quality, and it's hardly documented). Now let's see
> what happens. :-)

I remember the switch to vt was necessary to enable xorg to work; this is also true in NetBSD; they call it DRMKMS.

Copy-and-paste by mouse in FreeBSD double-spaces lines; mouse on console does not work at all in NetBSD.

In NetBSD, I like booting into a 240x67 console; I can work better than with 80x25 or 80x30.


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