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Date:      Sat, 02 Aug 2014 13:34:54 -0400
From:      Michael Powell <>
Subject:   Re: switch to DCHP from static ip
Message-ID:  <lrj7fv$94m$>
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Roland Smith wrote:

> On Fri, Aug 01, 2014 at 04:30:05PM -1000, al plant wrote:
>> Warren Block wrote:
>> > On Fri, 1 Aug 2014, al plant wrote:
>> >
>> >> Aloha,
>> >>
>> >> The Telcom here in Honolulu has brought in FiberOptic lines in my
>> >> neighborhood since the old copper was really bad speed. Cost was
>> >> reduced and speed is now excellent.
>> >>
>> >> I need a how-to for moving an APSfilter print server on my static IP
>> >> lan to working with a DHCP network. The Telcom installed a PACE
>> >> wireless and told me I can add as many computers as I need using a
>> >> Netgear Gigabit switch.
>> >>
>> >> I have installed one desktop on the switch and it has worked fine so
>> >> far.
>> >>
>> >> I never ised DHCP befor so any help would be appreciated.
>> >>
>> >> /etc/rc.conf
>> >> -------------
>> >> lpd_enable="YES"
>> >> FreeBSD 8.* hostname=""
>> >> ifconfig-re0=" netmask"
>> >>
>> >> --------------
>> >> For desktop I used >
>> >> ifconfig-re0="DHCP" to replace IP address. I seems to find the
>> >> network fine. Now I cant find any information about putting a print
>> >> server on the lan.
>> >
> <snip>
>> > Summary: continue to use a static IP address for the print server.
>> > Just make sure that address is inside the same netblock as the DHCP
>> > addresses, but preferably outside the range of dynamic addresses.
>> >
>> >
> <snip>
>> The PACE box is on
>> I will check with Hawaii telcom for instructions on this unit. The mfg's
>> website is very unhelpful.
> Home routers generally have a web server running on their internal
> network. You can use it to check and change (parts of) the configuration
> such as DHCP. So try pointing your browser to More often
> than not the default login name / password combination is admin / admin.
> Roland

I have my fbsd gateway box set for a static IP so I can configure it on the 
router as the "DMZ" machine, which is orthogonal to the print server thing. 
In order to get the IP in the same network I alter the DHCP scope in the 
router. Once in the router web config, look for the section that configures 
the DHCP server and there will be a starting address such as 
and an ending address usually like The is 
reserved for the router itself. Notice it is already outside the DHCP scope. 
Simply increment the scope start address up one to and you 
will have freed an IP in the same network for use with a static IP. Of 
course, adjust example for what matches the IP ranges in use by the router, 
for example many are on so instead of my DHCP scope beginning at I changed it to begin at, allowing to be 
used as a static IP on the WAN-facing nic in my gateway machine.


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