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Date:      Fri, 6 Jun 1997 11:45:45 -0400 (EDT)
From:      zeus daemon <>
To:        timmy ashby <>
Cc:        questions@FreeBSD.ORG
Subject:   Re: your mail
Message-ID:  <>
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/dev/rst0 would be the tape drive

are you archiving to tape?

if not here is a little guide to tar, i keep around as a reminder (all 
this is available in the man page)

Usage: tar {txruc}[vfbFXhiBelmopw[0-7]] [tapefile] [blocksize] 
[exclude-file] [-
I include-file] files ...

tar up the files in the current directory and save to filename.tar:

        tar cfv - . > filename.tar

tar up the files in the directory dirname:

        tar cfv - dirname > filename.tar

        tar cvf /location/of/file.tar dirname

look at the contents of a tarfile filename.tar

        tar tvf filename.tar

untar a tarfile, excluding the files listed in exclude_file.  Note,
exclude_file must contain a full path list of the file to be excluded
(e.g. dir/file_to_exclude).

        tar xfvX filename.tar exclude_file

tar the contents of directory to tape

        tar cvf /dev/rmt/0 dirname

tar a directory and write to tape device on a remote host

     /usr/local/bin/tar cvbBf 126 - /export/home | rsh alpha3 dd 

other flags

        tar xpkfvzX perl4.tgz exclude_perlman -C /

                k - keep same perms
                p - don't overwrite files that already exist
                C - change to this directory and untar

redirect stdout/stderr

       tar cvf foo.tar directory > outputfile 2>&1

Thank you

On Fri, 6 Jun 1997, timmy ashby wrote:

> i need a little more help.
> when i try to tar files it says "/dev/rst0 device not configured"
> can anyone tell me what this is?
> you do tar files with
> tar -c filename dont you?
> or do i not have that device configured in the kernal?
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