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Date:      Mon, 08 Jan 2001 17:40:28 -0800
To:        <>
Subject:   Fwd: this may interest you                         6612
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<FONT size=3D2> You can legally, never file another 1040 tax form (or its =
derivatives) again.  <B> EVER!<B>0                                <U> Want=
 to learn more?<BR>
<U>none <BR>
You can protect yourself, your property, and your assets from liens, levie=
s, and judgements.                  <U> Want to learn more?<U>none <BR>
Your money can be put hard to work for you, rather than you working so har=
d for your money.              <U> Want to learn more?<BR>
<U>none <BR>
This is about education, and <B> IMPLEMENTATION!<BR>
<B>0 <BR>
Call <B> 1-800-320-9895 ext.1050<B>0  for access to comprehensive detail.<=
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ity to dramatically increase your income working in your home or office.<B=
<B> Call 1-800-320-9895 ext.1050<BR>
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