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Date:      Fri, 8 Dec 1995 18:02:59 -0700
From: (Sean Kelly)
Subject:   Re: Key configuration ?
Message-ID:  <>
In-Reply-To: <> (message from Bill Henderson on Fri, 8 Dec 1995 19:10:41 -0500)

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>>>>> "Bill" == Bill Henderson <> writes:

    Bill> How do I configure the up & down arrow keys for command
    Bill> recall ?

Try using tcsh as your shell instead of /bin/csh or /bin/sh.  Other
shells might also support up- and down-arrow keys for command line
editing and recall.

Sean Kelly
NOAA Forecast Systems Laboratory, Boulder Colorado USA

We were in Salino, Utah when we were arrested for not going through a
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-- Steven Wright

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