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Date:      Mon, 20 Jan 2003 11:27:05 +0900
From:      Masafumi NAKANE <>
Subject:   Re: 4.7-amd cannot mount exports from 5.0-RELEASE
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I've been encountering the exact same problem past a few days.  My
-CURRENT box is -CURRENT as of 01/18.

Another thing is that, I can mount filesystems via NFS from a -CURRENT
box if I execute the mount command manually.  But it fails to mount
them via AMD.  So it doesn't look like it is the problem specific to
4.7-STABLE and 5.0-CURRENT combination.  It just seems that NFS
exported filesystems on 5.0-CURRENT cannot be mounted via AMD even
though they are statically mountable.


On Sun, 19 Jan 2003 20:28:25 +0100,
Michael Nottebrock <> wrote:
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> I have upgraded a box from 4.7-p1 to 5.0-RELEASE. It exports all its
> filesystems ( /, /usr, /var ) via NFS. A 4.7-STABLE client used to mount
> in those exports on demand with amd, with the default amd-map and /net
> and /host. Since the upgrade to 5.0-RELEASE on the server, amd cannot
> mount the exports anymore. It hangs and after a while throws an error
> similar to

> amd[345]: mountd rpc failed: RPC: Timed out

> in the syslog. Let me stress that the configurations of both the server
> and client have not changed at all and are almost factory defaults - yet
> it just ceased working. The most peculiar thing is that the 4.7-STABLE
> client also mounts in /usr/ports/distfiles from the server statically -
> and that still works. ..

> (not subscribed to list - please CC me)

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> Regards,
> 	Michael Nottebrock

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