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Date:      Fri, 11 Dec 2015 13:35:10 -0500
From:      Jason Van Patten <>
Subject:   New UEFI MoBo, Slow Boots in "Legacy"
Message-ID:  <>

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Hey gang -

I'm trying to build a new router using Gigabyte's GA-H170N-WIFI board, 
which is armed with a version of AMI's UEFI.  The first fail I ran into 
was with the FreeBSD 10.2 EFI memstick installer.  It would page fault 
during the kernel load every single time, in the same spot.  I changed 
over to the non-EFI memstick, and it boots.

However... the boot time is *insanely* slow.  As in: it takes over 5 
minutes for the kernel to finish loading.  Once the rc scripts hit, 
everything is quite quick.  But it's that boot time that's ridiculous. 
The same happens once I install 10.2 (non-EFI) and reboot using the 
disk: very slow boot time.

As an important aside: I did try the latest 11.0 snapshot in EFI mode. 
It boots and installs fine.  But I'm not keen on bleeding edge, 
specially for a router.

So I'm a bit stumped.  Is there A)any way I can *significantly* speed up 
the legacy booting, or B)any fix for the EFI boot crashing w/10.2?

Jason Van Patten

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